Premium Consulting

The most critical is to get the best raw rice to bring about the best ready rice…Read More

Paddy Drying

Paddy Drying is an art that is well articulated through both sun and steam drying…Read More

Whitening & Polishing

The layer of bran is removed through the state of the art mist polishers for the pearl white look of rice…Read More

Grading & Color Sorting

Rice is graded and sorted using latest technology to sort them to different length, thickness, and color…Read More

Husking Process

A delicate pre-cleaning process ensuring that delicate rice grains do not crack or broke their ends…Read More

Steam Rice

Steamed rice is produced very cautiously to keep up the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene…Read More

The vision of EVA Rice Mill, as a leading rice exporter from Pakistan, is to become a global rice company which seeks to take lead in providing the finest quality of Pakistan rice to their customers worldwide.

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